New Business Alert: Cacao — Will Be Serving Up Chocolate and Nuts on Centre Street

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Attention chocolate lovers! You're going to be excited about a new business coming to Centre Street. Cacao will be opening later this spring and offering up delicious chocolate treats, freshly roasted nuts and more.


Cacao will be opening at 660B Centre Street later this spring.

"It's a nut and chocolate shop," said Cacao's owner Leo Baez to Jamaica Plain News. "Cacao means cocoa in Spanish. It's homemade nuts and chocolate. Our shop will roast our own nuts in house. We're also using chocolate to make our own chocolate barks."

Baez said his family had a cacao farm in the Dominican Republic and that was one of the reasons he wanted to get involved with chocolate and nuts.

Leo Baez, owner of Cacao, outside of the store on Centre Street.

"I love nuts and I've always loved nuts in the Dominican Republic. I often ate them coming off the tree. It's always been a passion of mine and that's why I got into this business as soon as I could," said Baez. "A lot of people don’t know chocolate comes from a tree. You see chocolate, and  you have it, but you don’t realize where it comes from. It’s a long process. It’s not easy. There’s a lot to do with chocolate. Chocolate is fun. It's definitely something to enjoy."

Cacao will also sell dried fruits, organic honey, prepackaged chocolate goods from local companies like Taza. Baez added he intends to sell as many local products as possible.

Baez said he's hoping for a late May or early June opening at 660B Centre St. Cacao will also have another new business as its neighbor as 100% Delicias Express is opening in the coming months right next door at 660A Centre St.