Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Election Results

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The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council held its election this past Saturday and the new council members will take their seats at the next council meeting on May 22.


The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council is made from 5 at-large councilors and five from Areas A, B and C.

The JPNC can have up to 20 members comprised of five at-large candidates and five candidates from three different areas. But this council will have 18 members because only four candidates ran for Areas A and B.

There were 301 ballots cast, two were disqualified because those voters' residency could not be confirmed and six ballots were tossed because they didn't provide an address and/or name.

The committee chair, vice-chair, secretary/treasurer will be elected by council members by the second meeting following the election.

The next JPNC meeting is on Tuesday, May 22 at 7 pm at the Farnsworth House (90 South St.). All JPNC meetings are open to the public.

The council serves as an "advocate and ombudsman for Jamaica Plain residents, organizations and business people," according to the JPNC's by-laws. The council works on issues relating to development, service delivery, youth affairs, as well as other matters brought to the council's attention that affect the JP community. There are four working committees: Public Service, Zoning, Housing & Development and Environment, Parks & Energy. The three council officers serve on each working committee and other committee members are chosen by the council.

It's important to note that the JPNC offers recommendations, resolutions and proposals to city officials, departments and other agencies. The council does not make laws or binding decisions.

Here are the results of the JPNC election held on April 28th:


Vicky Arroyo: 186

Michael Reiskind: 166

Carolyn Royce: 163

Dave Baron: 147

Carmel Levy: 144

Area A

Brianne Connelly: 48

Kevin Rainsford: 45

Bruce Marks: 39

Trevor Wissink-Adams: 38

Area B

Priscilla Yang: 73

Samantha Montano: 64

Emily Tabor: 63

Esther Tutella-Chen: 61

Max Glikman: 58

Kyle Smith: 43

Area C

Gert Thorn: 66

Kevin Leary: 64

Robin Cheung: 57

Bernie Dohery: 54