300th U.S. Fixit Clinic in Jamaica Plain on July 21

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This Saturday you can bring your broken household items to receive help fixing them at the 300th Fixit Clinic held in the United States.

Celebrating repair by conveying basic troubleshooting skills, Fixit Clinics are do-it-together hands-on fix-n-learn community-based exploration and discovery workshops staffed by volunteer Fixit Coaches who generously share their time, tools and expertise to consult with you on disassembling, troubleshooting and repairing items.

So bring your broken, non-functioning things to the Jamaica Plain Library on South Street this Saturday, July 21 from 10 am to 1 pm (last items accepted at 12:45 pm.

Bring your electronic gadgets, appliances, computers, toys, sewing machines, bicycles, fabric items, etc.-- for assessment, disassembly and possible repair. Also, this time only, the Fixit Clinic will also be accepting electronic and textile items for recycling by the city.

Fixit Coaches (and helpful neighbors) will be available for consultation on broken items: we'll provide workspace, specialty tools, and guidance to help you disassemble and troubleshoot your item. Whether you fix it or not, you'll learn more about how it was manufactured and how it worked, ready to share your new-found confidence and insight with your friends, neighbors, and the community at large. (Hopefully you’ll be inspired to become a Fixit Coach yourself.)

First-time Fixit Coaches and fixing families are always welcome; sign up at goo.gl/xS1MRK. Even if you can’t make it: report your broken item at goo.gl/qhpUkR.

You can register at goo.gl/qTzh9J then bring your broken item with all parts necessary to recreate the symptoms (carry-in only: no oversize items). Bring any parts and tools you already own that might be helpful (e.g. hand tools, sewing supplies). Come ready to describe what’s wrong and what you’ve tried and be ready to learn and to share your knowledge with others

And it's all free! Learn more about Fixit Clinics by visiting www.fixitclinic.orghttps://www.facebook.com/FixitClinic/plus.google.com/+FixitClinic.