Diner-Style Little Dipper Restaurant Takes Over for Popular Centre Street Cafe

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Chances are the Little Dipper is the only restaurant in Jamaica Plain with model rockets on the ceiling. But it's the menu that will ultimately draw customers back in to the restaurant, not the decor.

Courtesy Little Dipper

Toy model rockets decorate the Little Dipper restaurant on Centre Street.

The diner-style restaurant recently opened after taking place of the popular Centre Street Cafe. Co-owner David Doyle, who also owned Centre Street Cafe, said the change in business name, concept and decor was due to working with a new business partner, Robyn McGrath, who is also the chef.

"She and I agreed that there is a need for more quality breakfast and lunch options in the neighborhood, so we decided to close the cafe and open Little Dipper, a fun, casual, diner-style restaurant, which we believe will have broader appeal than the cafe," said Doyle to Jamaica Plain News.

Courtesy Little Dipper

House-made donuts and muffins are made daily at Little Dipper.

The restaurant opened in mid-July by offering brunch on the weekends and Monday, breakfast Tuesday through Friday, and also lunch. Dinner service is expected to be offered in a few weeks.

"We wanted the decor to look entirely different from the Cafe, and we were both excited by the idea of a space and rocket-themed interior with bright colors and LOTS of hanging model rockets," said Doyle.

Courtesy Little Dipper

A rice bowl served at Little Dipper

The restaurant has cajun, southern and southwestern influence, and menu items include the Thor, a breakfast sandwich with an over-easy egg, aioli, served on a house-made English muffin, and you can add the house-made sausage patty and avocado. Another menu item to try is the courier flatbread, which is a house-made bread with two chickpea patties, herb yogurt, cucumber tomato relish and fresh greens.

Courtesy Little Dipper

The inside of the Little Dipper in Jamaica Plain has a celestial theme