Boston Beer Company Wants Dancing, DJs, Karaoke and Live Music

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The Boston Beer Company i.e. the Sam Adams Brewery, is seeking a permit to host live music, a DJ, dancing and karaoke.

Courtesy The Boston Beer Company

The Samuel Adams Brewery opened its new tap room on Nov. 10th, 2017.

"We’re seeking a permit essentially for the option to support local musician – duos or trios only – in the event we’d want to host live musicians for an event. We anticipate this would happen only a handful of times throughout the year and would wrap before sunset, but allows us another way to strengthen our ties in the community and support those who help to make it flourish," said Meaghan Quinn, communications specialist for Boston Beer Company, to Jamaica Plain News.

The Boston Beer Company is scheduled to appear at the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council's Public Service Committee on Tuesday (August 7) to discuss its petition to "add the categories of three instrumentalists and three vocalists, disc jockey, dancing by patrons, and karaoke to their existing non-live entertainment license."

The meeting is actually at The Brewery (Building B) at 31 Germania St., at 7 pm. So one has to wonder -- will beer be served during the meeting? It surely would go to meeting goers to supporting Boston Beer Company's petition.