Three Sites Proposed for Possible Dog Parks on Southwest Corridor

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Eventually, there will be a dog park in Jamaica Plain. There have been numerous proposals through the years, but the community never bit for any of them. But the latest doggone effort by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), which proposed three different possible sites along the Southwest Corridor for dog parks, seems to have some (four?) legs to it.


Proposed Site A for a dog park along Oakdale Street.

At a DCR public meeting on August 2, state officials provided an overview of three possible locations.

Click here to view the entire Department of Conservation and Recreation proposal.

All three proposals would be fenced off dog parks. The proposals include "sunny play" spots, overlook terraces, "adventure" spots, multiple entry locations, and "gathering and H2O" places for drinking and playing in water. The parks would have dog-specific amenities, like places to climb such as fake rocks, fake logs to run through, water fountains on the ground (and at human level for humans), provided doggie poop bags and specific dog-friendly surfaces.

Noted in the proposal was info for commercial dog walkers. Dog owners often complain about dog walkers bringing in too many dogs to dog parks and not having control of all the dogs, which leads to fights, attacks and tennis balls going missing and not returned. For DCR dog parks there is a $100 annual fee for up to four dogs, a $200 annual fee for up to eight dogs and no more than eights dogs allowed per permit/walker. There is a one-time application fee of $35.

The public comment period is through August 23 and comments can be submitted by clicking here. Please choose the following category to submit a comment for the proposals:

The first proposed site is 60,000 sq. ft. by Oakdale Street and the train tracks. Some of this site is already a renegade dog park site i.e. lots of people bring their dogs to the location.


A proposed layout of Site A.

According to the Friends of JP Dog Parks Facebook page, Site A was the preferred site of all the proposals at the public meeting. "Site A is large enough for bigger dogs to run, and to provide gathering areas for small and large dogs. It could also potentially have room for some cool agility-style amenities."

Site B is more than 9,000 sq. ft. of doggy space at 253 Amory St.

Proposed Site B is at 253 Amory St., near the Evy Tea Bar.

A current view of proposed Site B at 253 Amory St.

Site C is 10,000 sq. ft. between the back side of the MBTA Stony Brook station and Boylston Street.

Site C is behind the MBTA Stony Brook station and Boylston Street.

The current view of Site C.