J.C. Fruit Shop & More Opens on Centre Street

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The juice and smoothie bar competition is getting stiffer in Jamaica Plain as J.C. Fruit Shop & More recently opened on Centre Street.

J.C. Fruit Shop & More owners Jay Collado and Jasmin Batista.

"When people come in they can see what they're going to get," said owner Jay Collado to Jamaica Plain News. He's going to make fresh juices right in front of the customers at the new store at 606 Centre Street. (The space was previously home to the Caramelo Clothing Company.)

At first the business was just selling fresh produce and single-serve drinks, but the business is going to include a salad bar, and sell wraps and subs.

Collado also knows about making juices and smoothies from his Crystal Fruit business in Jackson Square. He said the juices and smoothies are so popular at that business that he's converting it into a juice bar. It is closing for a short period of time while it's renovated.

The J.C. Fruit Shop & More is located at 606 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain.

"The IV is the most popular juice. When you feel down or not have energy you drink that juice and it lifts you up," said Collado.

As for recipes, Collado isn't revealing any secrets.

"I use every fruit that's available. If I have 10 fruits I'll put them all in. It'll be creamy because there's a lot of fruit, some ice and no sugar," said Collado.