Butcher Wanted: Meatland, 60+ Year Old Institution, Closed, Needing New Blood

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Do you know any butchers looking for a new gig? Tell them that Meatland in Jackson Square is looking for a new butcher and owner after the longtime business recently closed its doors after more than 60 years of being in Jamaica Plain.

Recently, Hyde Jackson Square Main Street tweeted about Meatland needing a new owner. The current owner of Meatland had their lease expire and would like to sell the business. Meatland has already closed. The new owner would then have to negotiate a lease with the owner of the building, Jacob Bubly.

Hyde Jackson Square Main Street's Executive Director Gerald Robbins has been in communication with the commercial property owner and is working to find another tenant.

"The place is an institution, it has been there since 1957. It is a type of business that we believe could be successful here," said Robbins to Jamaica Plain News via email.

Anyone interested can contact Robbins at 617-522-3694 or email info@hydejacksonsquare.org and they will be put in touch with the commercial property owner.