There Are Many Jamaica Plain-Related Facebook Groups & Here Are Popular Ones

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There are lots of Facebook groups for everything -- and there are lots of groups based in Jamaica Plain.

This isn't a list of all of the Jamaica Plain Facebook groups. These are just some of the more populated ones, the more interesting ones and the greener ones. Also, these are groups that you join, not pages that you "like" on Facebook. The majority of them are "closed," which means an admin needs to accept you when you ask to join. A "public" group lets you join as soon as you make the request. Don't worry, unless you're a crazed mad person, the closed groups will let you in.

Jamaica Plain (closed group)

The name says it all. It's about Jamaica Plain. There are more than 5,700 members. This page is the biggest JP-related Facebook page. The good of this page is people asking for recommendations about plumbers, roofers, postings of lost and/or found cats/dogs and random thoughts and observations about the neighborhood. There can be some rather lively discussions that are very entertaining, interesting, enlightening and many other adjectives. Several common topics persist, including gentrification and socio-economics.

Everything Free JP (closed group)

Again. The name says it all. People posting things of theirs that will soon not be theirs because they are free to whomever claims them. There are more than 3,500 members, and you must be from Jamaica Plain (other neighborhoods have similar pages). It's also a page where you can post that you're looking for something in case someone wants to give it away. You can get some amazing deals on this page -- brand new shoes, Justin Bieber wrapping paper (it's amazing how many people wanted even a swatch of it), jeans, half-used soy sauce bottles, newly baked pastries and many, many, many other things. And you'd be surprised how many of these things find a home.

This group also spun out of the Jamaica Plain Buy Nothing group that was very popular -- until the out-of-town administrators announced they were going to break up the group into smaller groups, and all heck broke out... Thus local JPers created this FB page. Like many FB pages there are rules, including, and this is important --- you may not attempt to give away your pets on this page. If you must give away a pet, you need to bring them to the MSPCA-Angell.

JP Families (closed group)

This is an active page of more than 1,800 members. In recent weeks it changed its name from JP Moms to JP Families, so it's not just moms anymore (a lot of non-moms were on the page). It's for Jamaica Plain and their surrounding neighborhoods for parents and guardians, although you will see postings from nannies and babysitters, which as parents know, are very valuable.

There are discussions about pediatricians, daycare providers, vaccines and more. Like Everything Free JP, people are giving away free stuff or asking whether community members have certain free items. Breast pumps, toddler blankets, strollers, diaper genies and more.

It is not associated with the JP Mom online forum page (outside of FB).

West Roxbury Courthouse Neighborhood Association (public group)

This is a small group of 70 members comprised of residents of The Washingtonian, the Arborway Gardens, Franklin Park Villas, Orchard Hill Street, Bremer Street, Lenoco Place and Yale Terrace. There have only been a dozen or so posts since the beginning of spring time, so it's not a very active page.

JP Swap 'n' Shop (closed group)

Maybe you've noticed, but giving away stuff, is a major component of JP-based Facebook pages. On this page there is also swapping and you can track all your items for sale. This page has more than 1,900 members selling/swapping bookshelves, clothing, microwaves, lawnmowers, tennis racquets, books and so much more. One major rule (because breaking it could land you in jail): you can not sell or swap "...animals, children, counterfeit or knockoff goods, any illegal or prohibited by law/Facebook rules/common sense."

Forest Hills MA (closed group)

The description of this group is, "A place for the neighborhood to discuss concerns and mobilize when necessary." There are more than 570 members. There are discussions about local construction projects, updates about local neighborhood organizations'/committees' meetings and other Forest Hills issues and topics.

Jamaica Plain Historical Society (public group)

This is a group administered by the Jamaica Plain Historical Society and several of its members. Do you like Jamaica Plain history? Yes! Then get in on this active group of close to 1,000 members. A lot of days feature posts about what happened on that day in Jamaica Plain. Devastating fires, the Greenough family, old trolleys, old school videos of the Orange Line and more.

Jamaica Plain Garden Group - Yay! (closed group)

You don't need a green thumb to join this group. Just live in JP and be interested in gardening and as the group's description says, "Your garden can be a pot of basil on your front stoop!" Like many FB groups, the admins of this page make it clear that bullies and trolls are not welcome. You'd want to believe that bullies and trolls aren't into gardening -- it just seems converse to being into growing plants. This is a small group with fewer than 500 members.

Jamaica Plain Dogs (closed group)

JP loves its canines! There are lots of JP dog pages for you to like that allows anyone to view and check out. Those pages are great for info, discussion, tips, et al. But this is a closed group and the description of the group states that, "If it's not obvious that you live in Jamaica Plain, an admin may message you asking for the neighborhood or street that you live on."