Poll: Should Space Savers Be Allowed in Jamaica Plain?

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The time is nigh my friends. The snow is coming. There's no way around it. Which begs the question: Should space savers be allowed or banned in Jamaica Plain?

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council's Public Service Committee was scheduled to discuss space savers during its Dec. 4 meeting, but the discussion was postponed to its Jan. 8 meeting.

The use of space savers were an unwritten rule for many years in Boston. For those who didn't grow up around here, were new to the area -- it was confusing to see a cone, lawn chair, toilet (yup, people use toilets), couches, golf clubs -- and anything else one should not be upset about losing to the trash to save their parking space after snowfall.

Now it's written on the city's website, which says you can only use space savers once the city declares a snow emergency and they must be removed 48 hours after the snow emergency ends. Of course, we all know folks don't follow those rules.

So what do you think? Allow space savers? Ban them? Does it really matter -- because it's not like a ban will be enforced.