Missing Dog: Have You Seen Cindy Lou?

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Cindy Lou the dog has been missing Jan. 19 and she needs your help to get home!

Missing Dogs Massachusetts

Cindy Lou the dog has been missing since Jan. 19, 2019.

"Cindy Lou has possibly been spotted multiple times in the neighborhoods around Brookside and Ophir Streets. It's possible she may be trying to get home towards Greenough," said Mary Lou Stock of Missing Dogs Massachusetts to Jamaica Plain News. "We've had amazing experiences with dogs surviving every type of weather including cold like this and believe Cindy Lou is resourceful enough to find a way home. If you live in any of these neighborhoods please don't chase her, check your properties for any small spaces where she may be seeking shelter and call with any sightings. In so many of our successful stories it's taken a village. Cindy Lou needs her village right now."

The owners' phone number, 617-699-7915, is on the flyer, so please call them if you see Cindy Lou.