Centre Street Bizs Burglarized, Doors Smashed; Security Tips Provided to Commercial Shops

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Centre Street businesses J.C. Fruit Shop and When Pigs Fly recently had their front doors shattered, and had cash and items stolen.

The J.C. Fruit Shop & More is located at 606 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain.

Both businesses were broken into during the early morning of May 12. J.C. Fruit Shop (606 Centre St.,) and When Pigs Fly (613 Centre St.) have since reopened, according to an email from JP Centre/South Main Streets.

JP Centre/South Main Streets sent out the email to area businesses, letting them know about the robberies, and provided tips on how commercial stores can protect themselves:

  • Empty your cash register each night and DISPLAY your empty cash drawer in full view of the street when closed. Often burglars are looking for cash that is kept in cash drawers overnight. Displaying the empty drawer can prevent break-ins.
  • Get an alarm system and make it obvious. If you don't already have an alarm system, you can DIY one with some old cellphones and tablets. Several mobile apps make it easy and affordable - contact JP Centre/South Main Street to learn more. If you do have one, make sure it is up-to-date. Most importantly, make sure it is clearly visible that the store has an alarm system -- ask your alarm company for a window sticker.
  • Hide your phone lines and protect them from being cut. Burglars know that many alarm systems use the phone lines to alert the police, so they look to cut the phone lines asap even if you don't have an alarm system. Running your phone lines through some PVC tubes can deter burglars and save your phone lines.
  • The best prevention is a clear message to burglars that it will be difficult and NOT WORTH THE EFFORT to even try breaking in. Good lighting, difficult locks, and clear windows are all good theft deterrents.