JP’s Murrett-Kam is First Grad of Boston Arts Academy’s Fashion Technology Program, Headed to FIT

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Jamaica Plain's Sarada “Sasa” Murrett-Kam is a pioneer. She is the first graduate in the Boston Arts Academy’s new fashion technology program, and will be attending the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City this fall.

Boston Arts Academy

Sarada “Sasa” Murrett-Kam works on her sewing machine.

Murrett-Kam answered questions from Jamaica Plain News about her high school career, what it's like designing for Boston Fashion Week, her influences and her goals.

Q: What does it mean to you to be the first graduate of the BAA's fashion technology program?

Murrett-Kam: I love being the first graduate knowing that I set the standard of what’s to come for the upcoming students. I was able to be a positive role model to my fellow classmates and was exposed to many opportunities in the fashion industry like Boston Fashion Week, being a stylist intern, and going to professional shows.

Q: How do you think the fashion technology program is different than a traditional school?

Murrett-Kam: I think that being in an art school allows students to express their creativity in a field they love and want to pursue. I was able to connect my academic and arts classes where traditional schools might not. For example, I was able to take entrepreneurship while learning how to technically sew and create garments. Fashion allows me to share my creations in the form of clothing.

DON WEST - FOTOGRAFIKS for Boston Arts Academy

Sasa Murrett-Kam, (in pink), presenting her designs at BAA Honors 2019.

Q: Your fashion designs have been showcased throughout Boston, including Boston Fashion Week's Open Runway. How would you describe your fashion designs?

Murrett-Kam: My clothes are meant to be a mixture of sexy day wear with sportswear undertones made to look stylish but wearable at the same time. I hope that people all over the world no matter size or shape feel confident in my designs.

Q: Who and/or what influence your designs and fashion style?

Murrett-Kam: I get influenced by anything and everything. I am able to use social media to inspire my collections by connecting to people all over. I am also inspired by what’s around me for example my debut collection called Petrichor is inspired by the smell of rain.

Q: What are your goals for college and afterwards?

Murrett-Kam: At FIT one of my goals is to intern at fashion brands like, Moschino, Christian Cowan, Laquan Smith, and Fenty so I can continue developing my skills and get my name out there. After college, I hope to become a head designer for a large company before branching off and starting my own brand which I’ll call “D’Erika Nikole.”