New Orange Line Train Makes Its Debut

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The first of the long-awaited new MBTA Orange Line trains debuted on Wednesday afternoon. It performed three round trips, which drew plenty of excitement -- and derision around the city.

There was one train with six cars that left from Wellington Station exciting riders...and made its way back to the station in the afternoon...thus, teasing expectant riders.

There will be 152 new Orange Line cars when all is said and other cars are currently undergoing testing. Presently, there are 120 Orange Line cars, so the fleet is increasing, and that will increase the capacity of the line by 30,000 seats daily.

And when will those new Orange Line trains hit the tracks?

But before that happens we've got to deal with the old Orange Line trains that have failed for several decades.

There's also quite a bit of politics when discussing the new Orange Line trains...

And well before the tariff war, the MBTA contracted with a Chinese company to build the new trains. And today's launch was celebrated by China media.

The new trains are part of a multi-year overhauling project of the Orange Line by the MBTA. The project includes new signal infrastructure, upgrades to tracks, an updated and expanded maintenance facility and an upgraded yard. This work is expected to be finished in 2022.