The Last Video Store in Boston: The Video Underground is Expanding and You Can Help

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Kevin Koppes is The Video Underground's CEO, owner, head of security, and amusing. He used his jocular nature to announce that the last video store in Boston, right in Egleston Square, will be expanding to take over the adjacent commercial space next door.

Originally, located in Hyde Square and now at 3202 Washington St., The Video Underground has had to adapt its business model as video stores became obsolete. Koppes created a screening room and to-go cafe.

"But as we've added other goods and services through the last few years. We've also started looking at some additional plans..." said Koppes in the video.

With the help from Barbara Streisand (via a movie clip), Koppes revealed the plan to turn the existing retail, screening space, and to-go cafe space into a sit down cafe. And then the business will take over the adjacent commercial unit to make it into a dedicated screening room and event space.

The Video Underground

Kevin Koppes, CEO/owner of The Video Underground

But as he outlines in the video, to expand the business takes cash because they've got to do work, including soundproofing, flooring, AV upgrades and plumbing. He estimates the costs to be $25,000 and is crowdfunding to help with the cost. Unlike a lot of crowdfunding drives, The Video Underground is already an established business, and is selling dollar-for-dollar gifts cards that will be usable once the expansion is completed.

You can purchase a gift card by clicking here.