Wu Tops Ticket in Prelim Election; Top 8 Advance to November Final

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City Councilor Michelle Wu easily topped the ticket in Tuesday's at-large Boston City Council preliminary election. She was followed by fellow incumbents Annissa Essaibi-George and Michael Flaherty.

The top eight finishers in the at-large race will advance to the November final, and the final four in that race will be city councilors.

Tuesday's great eight were: Wu, Essaibi-George and Flaherty, Alejandra St. Guillen, Julia Mejia, incumbent Althea Garrison, Erin Murphy and David Halbert.

This is how all the candidates performed in Tuesday's election.

Michelle Wu 19.41%/26,622 votes

Annissa Essaibi-George 13.85%/18,993 votes

Michael Flaherty 13.68%/18,766 votes

Alejandra St. Guillen 8.68%/11,910 votes

Julia Mejia 7.87%/10,799 votes

Althea Garrison 7.09%/9,720 votes

Erin Murphy 6.84%/9,385 votes

David Halbert 4.76%/6,534 votes

Marty Keogh 4.55%/6,246 votes

Jeff Ross 3.70%/5,078 votes

Priscilla Flint-Banks 2.98%/4,094 votes

Domingos Darosa 2.07%/2,840 votes

Michael Denis 1.54%/2,108 votes

William King 1.32%/1,809 votes

Herb Lozano 1.10%/1,510 votes

Write-in .56%/766 votes

In total, 44,972 ballots were cast for the at-large race.