Last Call: Time to Say Your Goodbyes to Doyle’s

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If you haven't gone and paid your respects to Doyle's -- it's time to do so -- as the restaurant is expected to close by the end of October, if not sooner.

While there hasn't been an official date announced, numerous employees told Jamaica Plain News that the restaurant, which has been open since 1882, would not be open in November.

No special event is expected to celebrate the closing. It's also not clear what will happen to the Doyle's Road Race, which attracts hundreds of runners.

"It’s heartbreaking. It’s like a wake in there of late, and also mad busy with so many stopping by to offer condolences and have pint. There’s really no place remotely like D’s," said Rick Berlin, who's worked for Doyle's for 31 years. "Has made my life ‘work’ in countless ways and allowed me to be myself more than any restaurant I can imagine. This is a disaster for so many of us and it never needed to happen. Too long a story to get into. The last days of Doyle’s are as beautiful and powerful as they are sad and angry."

The E. Howard & Co clock is one of the most beloved items in Doyle's.

While the business has not been making money for sometime, there has been a rush of customers since it was announced that the restaurant would be closing. But by this past weekend, the rush had somewhat subsided and the regulars were enjoying drinks at the bar and food in the front two rooms.

Memorabilia decorates the walls, including celebrating the Doyle's Road Race.