You’ve Got to See This Performative Art Project in Hyde Square Taking on Fast Fashion

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Samantha Fields' public art project, desires not even our own, has numerous changing facets during a period of weeks that peels back the curtain of a clothing factory, laborers and the fashion industry.

desires not even ours The project peels back the curtain of the fashion factory while utilizing a ton of discarded clothing from Goodwill.

Located at 405 Centre St., the 1.5-month long project (Oct. 16 to Dec. 1), will consist of a performance in the store front for the first three weeks, followed by a "store" and a "closing sale"

"The performer will first be folding one ton of used clothing then proceeding to disassemble each part of clothing to its smallest parts with a seam ripper," said Fields. Each item will be pressed, tagged and shelved and be available to the public to take after the store's Nov. 6th grand opening.

"I have had this picture in my mind for three or four years of a three story pile of clothing in a place like comply square and to have one lone figure proceed to fold all of the clothes," said Fields. "Thinking about labor, who’s labor do we see or count as labor? And as a way of honoring that hands and resources that made the clothing."

The project uses familiar terms like: window shopping, grand opening, and closing sale to get viewers inside. Fields urges shoppers to examine their own shopping habits and their responsibility as a consumer.

The project also includes free sustainable clothing workshops led by local makers, artist talks, and panel discussions that will look at the "problem of American consumer behavior and culture." The project also provides simple gestures one can begin to do to "break the consumer cycle thus creating room for us to take agency over our choices, and empower us to take responsibility as a part of an interconnected ecosystem."

The "grand opening" is Wednesday, Nov. 6 from 5 to 8 pm, and the closing sale clothing swap is appropriately on Black Friday, Nov. 29.

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