Jamaica Plain’s West Won Student Academy Award

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There aren't many Academy Awards floating around Jamaica Plain, but there's one more in the neighborhood thanks to Georden West, who won a Student Academy Award for their short film Patron Saint.

West's film won the gold medal in the Alternative/Experimental category for their film that was made while West was an MFA student at Emerson College. West is now an affiliated faculty member at Emerson College.

West describes the 7-minute film as a reimagining of religion and history as queer deities, said West to Emerson Today.

“Patron Saint is a step towards demonstrating the power of fashion and media to unpack traditional conventions of gender, race, and sexuality,” West said in a statement to Emerson Today. “Our filmic collaboration strives to rebuild a world reimagining power dynamics and elevating the queer body to the celestial."

A still from Georden West's 7-minute Student Academy Award winning film Patron Saint.