Random Act of Kindness: Keys Fall in Drain, Stranger Rescued Them

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Alyssa Rubin's keys fell down an 8-foot deep drain in the Ula Cafe parking lot, and after asking for recommendations on Facebook on how to fetch them, a random stranger retrieved them -- posting a photo of the rescued keys on her post!

Alyssa Rubin with the rescued keys.

On Veterans Day, Rubin posted on the Everything Free JP Facebook page: "ISO of fishing line and hook..or some other mechanism to get my keys out of the 8ft drain in the Ula parking lot...got any ideas?"

People made lots of good suggestions -- contact the city, call 311, get a super strong magnet, and someone said they were nearby and offered fishing line.

Todd Consentino had a better idea. Consentino said he had a strong magnet and he'd be there soon. He went and retrieved the keys, and let Rubin know he had rescued the keys by posting a photo of the keys on her original post.

Todd Consentino retrieved Alyssa Rubin's keys after they fell into a drain by Ula Cafe.

"Got 'em. I'll leave them at the counter of ULA," commented Consentino.

Consentino was quickly praised as a hero, and championed for his random act of kindness.

"OMG THANK YOU!!" said Rubin.

"My pleasure. It feels good to get my Good Deed For the Day out of the way early," said Consentino.

He added that he used a strong magnet and some paracord.