DCR Examining Removing Travel Lanes on Arborway

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The Department of Conservation and Recreation is evaluating the safety of the Arborway and may look to get rid of travel lanes.

DCR held a public meeting on Nov. 21 to discuss its road safety audit that evaluated existing safety issues of speed, pedestrian and bicycle access and ADA accommodations, lighting, pavement marking, signage and more. The report is available online by clicking here.

DCR officials said that consultants are being hired to come up with plans for a "...complete reconstruction of the Arborway roadways between Forest Hills and Jamaica Pond," according to mass.streets.blog.

Several meeting goers called for the traffic rotaries to be made smaller, which would make room for pedestrian walkways and bikeways. There was also a discussion about removing travel lanes where the two carriage roads exist by the Arnold Arboretum. A DCR official said the carriage roads may be better as single-lane streets while providing on-road protected bike lanes, reported mass.streets.blog.

Don't expect major changes anytime soon, as the design phase of the project could take anywhere from a year to 18 months.