Every Vote Counts: Mejia Wins At-Large Council Recount By 1

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Every vote counts is not just a saying to encourage people to get out and vote -- it's a reality evidenced by Julia Mejia's one-vote victory in the recount for the Boston City Council's fourth at-large seat.

Mejia's victory actually shrank from her Nov. 5th victory in which she beat St. Guillen by a mere five votes, 22,477 to 22,472, according to the city's website.

After that tight margin, St. Guillen called for a recount, which took place this weekend.

But Mejia came away victorious once again, receiving 22,492 votes to St. Guillen's 22,491.

But Alejandra St. Guillen wasn't ready to concede victory and tweeted she was pondering challenging the decision in court.

But after thinking about it overnight, she decided to concede.

And it looks like Mayor Marty Walsh recognized the recount decision after it was announced, according to a tweet by Mejia.

For the first-time ever the Boston City Council will be female majority.