JP Resident Set Up Trail Cam By Compost — See Who Stopped By!

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Jamaica Plain resident Judith Gibson-Okunieff had a camera laying around and thought why not set it up outside to see what wildlife is in her backyard.

"I put the trail camera by the compost pile because I figured there would be some interest from the squirrels and I wanted to see how they interacted with it," said Gibson-Okunieff to JP News. "Before putting it down, I had seen squirrels running away from it whenever I got close to it but I hadn't seen any of the other animals I caught on camera. The blue jay and cardinal were a lucky catch. I was surprised at how much the rabbit liked the pile because it kept returning to it. The rat was a little bit surprising but also to be expected I guess. I'm relieved to see that no raccoons or skunks are lurking by it because we have dogs and that would just be a mess."

Here are just some of the many photos the trail cam snapped that Gibson-Okunieff shared with JP News.

A grey squirrel couldn't hide itself well in the snow.

A blue jay scours the compost pile.

A chubby robin views the scene.

The bunny continued to visit the compost area.

A grey squirrel is caught in the act of checking out the compost pile.

A male cardinal blends in well to the scenery.

A female cardinal walked in front of the camera.

A cat goes walking by...

The bunny sure wasn't camera shy.

A grey squirrel was eager to check out the compost pile.

A rat checks out the compost bin.

Look who stopped by again -- a bunny.