Video: Opossum, Fox, Raccoon, and More, Caught By JP Resident’s Backyard Cam

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The other week we shared photos from a Jamaica Plain resident's trail cam by their compost pile. This week we bring you more photos and a video from a different local's backyard cam -- and check out the wildlife who ambled by.

"This year, my plan was to have the surveillance cameras in place to watch the birds this winter near the feeders. Instead of waiting," emailed Steve M. to Jamaica Plain News. "I installed the cameras earlier this summer, because a baby rabbit had taken up residence in my yard, who I wanted to keep an eye on.  One night a fox appeared and chased the little bunny, but the bunny escaped and I could see the fox walk away empty-handed (so-to-speak)."

Steve M., who lives in the the Moss Hill area, shared his photos of critters who aren't always seen day-to-day in Jamaica Plain. Before the photos, check out this video of a fox chasing a rabbit!

His camera snapped photos of an elusive fox, opossum, and more. Check out his photos below:

Foxes aren't commonly seen in Jamaica Plain, as they're elusive and usually nocturnal. But foxes will come out in the day in urban and suburban areas, too. So don't worry if you see one in the neighborhood.

An opossum offers a snarl as its photo is taken.

A bunny surveys the backyard.

A bunny leaves tracks in the snow.

A skunk wanders through the backyard.

That looks like a well-fed raccoon making its way through JP.

An opossum having a nice little stroll on a fine fall day.