Rose JP Consignment Store Open on Centre Street

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There's a new consignment boutique in Jamaica Plain, and you've got to check out the amazing clothing, apparel, shoes, and more that you can buy at Rose JP Consignment on Centre Street.

Located at 484B Centre St., Rose JP Consignment is a sister store to Rose JP at 51 Heath St. The Heath Street store is now an outlet store, and is no longer doing consignment.

Co-founder Carina Lopez's evolution to opening the two stores is an interesting tale. She first rented the Heath Street spot in March 2018, and wanted to make it into a co-working space. But learned it was zoned for retail. Having already signed a lease, she and her husband made it into a store.

"Not having enough money to pay rent for months without producing, or to buy inventory, we had to be resourceful," said Lopez on her page. "So we went to our closets, ikea for some racks and opened the door to 'Shop 51 Heath'. "

It was a pop-up family thrift store that was more like an indoor yard sale. In September 2018, they pivoted to concentrate on their main clients, and made it into a women's boutique. Lopez realized that like herself, many clients had full closets, some with clothing that still had tags on it, but couldn't return.

"They want to sell it but don't know how and most importantly don't have the time to figure it out," said Lopez.

So the store became a consignment boutique at which customers get a 40/60 split (on items under $150 and it changed as price increases) when Rose JP Consignment sells an item of their clothing. All items are hand selected by Rose JP Consignment staff. Donations are also accepted.

But they needed a more visible location with increased foot traffic, and other commercial businesses that also attracted customers. Thus Lopez moved to open the new Centre Street location.

To help get the new Centre Street business started, Rose JP did an campaign, raising more than $2,000.