What You Need to Know: Use of Hand-Held Devices While Driving Banned Starting Feb. 23

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Massachusetts ban on the use of any hand-held devices while driving begins on February 23. And here are things that you should know about the ban.

The ban means you will have to voice to text, use speakerphone, use BlueTooth, or another hands-free way to talk or text while driving -- like ask a passenger to do it -- or get a well-trained dog to help out.

So you can't scroll, swipe, type, check apps, check in via Facebook, tweet, and all the other things we do with our phones.

The new law does allow the use of electronic devices if they are being used in response to an emergency, such as for first responders to do their jobs. The law also permits use if operators are stationary and not in active lanes of travel.

Punishment for violating the hands-free law includes a $100 fine for a first offense, $250 fine for a second offense and $500 fine for a third or subsequent offense. A third or subsequent offense will count as a surchargeable incident. Drivers who commit a second or subsequent offense are required to complete an educational program focused on distracted driving prevention.