Video: 3-Year-Old Gives Amazing Tour Highlighting Jamaica Plain!

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A young boy (and his mother) made an incredible one-minute video highlighting all of his favorite things about Jamaica Plain -- the restaurants, train stations, barber shop, libraries, bicycles, karate classes -- and more!

Holding a toy train to start, Santiago Arroyo begins in front of the Egleston Square mural across from the T and makes his way to the Egleston Community Garden, and then moves on to restaurants by highlighting the original Chilacates, JP Licks (what kid doesn't like ice cream?), Pikalo, and Exodus Bagels.

He shouts out all the bicycles to ride, neighborhood libraries and playgrounds, mentions he takes karate classes with his mother and grandmother(!), and talks up the firefighters of Engine 28. Then he really gets into the action -- by getting a trim at Flaco's Barber Shop, and a teeth cleaning at the Brookside Community Health Center. He ends by showcasing JP's T stops.

Santiago made a video of all the amazing things about Jamaica Plain, including the playgrounds.

Vicky Arroyo tweeted the video of Santiago visiting all of wonderful amenities of JP in response to the MBTA's Valentine's Day #NextStopTheWorld promotion. The T asked people to share videos about their neighborhood MBTA spot, and one person would awarded two roundtrip flights courtesy of JetBlue.