Biden Bests Sanders in Boston on Way to MA Victory; Warren Places Third Citywide in Primary

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Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Democratic Party primary on Super Tuesday in Massachusetts, and surprisingly took Boston, too.

Biden (43,210) won best by a mere 56 votes over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (43,154) in Boston. So each candidate took about 30 percent, but Biden 144,200 total votes were cast in the Democratic Party primary.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was supported by many Massachusetts politicians, placed third with 39,188 votes, and third overall in the state, too.

The results were very disheartening for the Massachusetts senator, who many thought would win her hometown state, even as Biden's campaign flourished in the last few days.

In a posting, Warren's Campaign Manager Roger Lau wrote about the primary on Wednesday:

Last night, we fell well short of our viability goals and projections, and we are disappointed in the results. We’re still waiting for more results to come in to get a better sense of the final delegate math. And we also all know the race has been extremely volatile in recent weeks and days with frontrunners changing at a pretty rapid pace.

But we are obviously disappointed, and Elizabeth is talking with our team to assess the path forward.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg garnered 11,878 votes, finishing in a distant fourth.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who dropped out of the race before the primary still took 2,167 votes in Boston. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, who also dropped out of the race before the primary, and endorsed Biden, as did Buttigieg, received 839 votes. And former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick took 837 votes in Boston.

President Donald Trump easily won the Republican Party primary in Boston with 6,469 of 7,997 votes cast. Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld received 982 votes. There were four Republican candidates in the primary.

There were 10 Libertarian Party candidates with none receiving more than 34 votes. Candidates included Dan Taxation is theft Behrman, and Vermin Love Supreme. (Candidates can choose whatever name they want to appear on the ballot.)

The Green Party had four candidates with none receiving more than 26 votes.