Hey JP, You Can Fill Out the U.S. Census at Home

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What is the Census? Every 10 years the United States and territories take a count. The decennial Census counts everyone, voters and non-voters, children and adults, citizens and non-citizens. One person per household can respond online or by phone, and there are just nine questions.

Click here to respond to the U.S. Census.

Around JP, health care practitioners, educators, activists, advocates, and business owners are collaborating on the 2020 Census. A more complete count results in more dollars from federal taxes returned to Massachusetts towns and cities. With bigger states in line for money, in Massachusetts we need to count everyone we can. The more residents we report, the more political representation we get. Yes, it’s that simple.

Will Everyone Be Counted? 
If you are skeptical that everyone is counted, you are right to be so. Some people are hard to reach with reminders. Some people count themselves out. People are too busy or they are hesitant to reveal information about their households, but the Census Bureau must protect confidential information and has taken data privacy seriously.

The Census and You 
Think Congressional representatives don’t make that much difference? Tell that to someone from Puerto Rico or the District of Columbia where residents do not receive full congressional representation. The representatives for Massachusetts take an interest in the spending decisions that affect universities, museums, established and start-up businesses.

The issues you care about are probably tied to Census data in some way. Investments in affordable housing are in part based on perceived need according to population growth. You can learn more about how exactly Census data is used in this working paper.

If you are unsure of who in your household to count, you can find out here.

Join Us 
While the Coronavirus outbreak has surely changed our plans, we are still making every effort to get out the count. We have cancelled our in-person outreach and will instead be blasting this message on social media, reminding folks about the Census while we check-in with them on the phone, and circulating Census activities to do with the kids at home.

For months, we planned and prepared for a massive outreach campaign during March and April. Now, we are moving in a completely different direction, and we’ll need your help. Here’s what you can do:
1. Do the Census! (yes, from home)
2. Share on social media! The U.S. Census Bureau and their partners have got you
covered with quality content!
3. Check-in with your neighbors and networks. After you’re through asking how people are holding up, make sure they are met for the next decade by reminding them to complete their Census form.

Please reach out to stvizer@jpndc.org with any questions; and if you are an individual interested in getting involved, you can sign up here.

Our community is not represented until our entire community counts.

The #JPCounts Complete Count Committee