Bella Luna Restaurant and Milky Way Lounge Closing Permanently

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The impacts of the Coronavirus continue to be felt, as the popular Bella Luna Restaurant and Milky Way Lounge announced its permanent closure on Wednesday.

Bella Luna Restaurant and Milky Way Lounge in Jamaica Plain

In a June 17th Facebook post, the business owners outlined that not only the loss of money in the last several months deep sixed them, but also because social distancing goes against their business model.

"The mission of our business is to gather people together in groups, to foster social closeness --the opposite of social distancing. Gathering in groups is not going to be a safe activity until there is a widely-available vaccine or treatment. We are not comfortable putting our team members and guests at risk of contracting the virus while working and dining in our space. Also, the public health hazards of Covid-19 will exist for over a year; and without being able to operate at full capacity, our business is not financially sustainable."

The business' owners thanked customers for "dining, dancing, bowling, celebrating and gathering" with them at their two locations during 27+ years. In 2008, Bella Luna was a street level restaurant in Hyde Square and Milky Way was a club/candlepin bowling alley at the subterranean level. But a significant rent increase forced the owners to find a new home, and moved to the The Brewery Small Business Complex.

"We are proud of having created a vibrant and safe space for all, founded in the values of generosity, inclusivity, creativity and respect. We are proud of our team members, past and present, who worked with tremendous dedication and commitment to carry out our special brand of hospitality with a purpose," said the Facebook post. "We are proud of our wonderful promoting partners and the countless talented performers who expressed themselves through music, dance, art, spoken word, opera, crafts, comedy, story-telling & fashion, and to all who came to witness and celebrate that talent. Thank you all for having fun and creating community in our space. We are proud of having used our business to support so many amazing non-profit organizations and individuals working to build a better Boston; thank you for giving us the opportunity to help."