George Floyd Mural Painted in Hyde Square by Marijuana Dispensary

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A beautiful mural honoring George Floyd has been painted in Hyde Square. For Core Cannabis, which will be co-locating a Social Justice Cannabis Museum at the same site, it made sense to demonstrate support of recent protests and current events.

A mural honoring George Floyd was painted by Alexander Golob, and funded by Core Cannabis, in Hyde Square in Jamaica Plain.

The mural was painted by Alexander Golob, outside of the Core Cannabis marijuana dispensary, which funded the painting.

"As a woman and minority owned business, we fell in love with the sentiment of the call to unite mothers against injustice," said Tomas Gonzalez, Chief Operating Officer of Core Cannabis. "Alex took that passion and created this moving design. We couldn't be happier with it and are proud to display his work."

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a police officer who wouldn't get off his neck, has created protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement throughout the country and into other countries.

"All mothers were summoned when he called out for his mama" reads a mural honoring George Floyd in Hyde Square.

The ethos of the mural speaks to Core Cannabis' social justice focus.

"This message resonates deeply within in our company’s DNA. We have been planning exhibits and assembling experts to serve on our Social Justice Cannabis Museum’s curating council for over a year," said Gonzalez. "We grapple with these issues daily as we create exhibits that will highlight the disproportionate impacts that the drug war has had on minority communities. Considering the proximity of current events to our company's Core values, silence was not an option. We stand with our community in the fight."

Core Cannabis has yet to open, and construction is expected to be completed in August.

Core Cannabis funded a mural honoring George Floyd outside of their Hyde Square location.