Photos: Wow! Blue Heron Caught a Big Catfish at Jamaica Pond

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Nature abounds in Jamaica Plain. For example check out the amazing fishing expedition a local resident captured at Jamaica Pond.

"My husband and I saw this blue heron eating a catfish. It took a long time but the heron did manage to swallow the whole thing," wrote Dianne MacPherson-Laffey on the Jamaica Pond: Sightings, Stories, & Snapshots from an Urban Oasis Facebook page.

MacPherson-Laffey said the heron caught the catfish on the Perkins Street side of the pond.

"The heron picked up the catfish flew over to the opposite side a little past the sandy beach area," wrote MacPherson-Laffey.

(MacPherson-Laffey provided Jamaica Plain News with permission to publish the photos.)