Massachusetts Residents Asked to Report Any Unsolicited Packages of Seeds

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Apparently Massachusetts residents have been receiving unsolicited packages of seeds, possibly of invasive species, from a foreign country. And the state's Department of Agricultural Resources would like those who have received these seeds to report them.

According to a press release, the exact types of seeds in the packages are unknown and, "...are not believed to be harmful to humans or pets but could pose a significant risk to agriculture or the environment."

The state would like Massachusetts residents who received the unsolicited seed packages of seed to not plant them and immediately complete a form on MDAR’s website, " provide important information to state plant regulatory officials."

The press release didn't state what country the seeds originate from, but said that people should keep the packaging and the mailing label. A U.S. Department of Agriculture or MDAR representative will get in contact with anyone who reports the seeds, and will provide instructions on what to do next with the seeds.

Massachusetts is not the only state where this is happening. Unsolicited packages of seeds have been received in other states during the last several days, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on July 28 that they working with state plant regulatory employees to investigate the situation.

Invasive plant species are dangerous because they can threaten local ecosystems and displace native plants, including rare and endangered species. The best way to avoid the risk of invasive plant infestation is to not plant them.