Frogmore Restaurant Says Farewell, Closing This Weekend

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The Frogmore's website says it will be serving brunch soon, adding another offering to its takeout and indoor dinner menu. But it appears brunch will not be on the menu, as the restaurant announced it will be closing this weekend.

On Sunday, The Frogmore posted a video of a watermelon margarita melon being poured into a cup -- letting customers know that the tasty drinks are baaaaack.

Then on Tuesday they posted a farewell message on Instagram saying, "Come say farewell to the Frogmore! Don't be sad, we had 5 great years."

And they let people know to come by Wednesday through Sunday from 4 to 11 pm.

It was not immediately clear why the restaurant is closing, whether it was Coronavirus-related or not.

Either way, Jamaica Plain is losing another popular restaurant.

It's been a tough year for restaurants and businesses in Jamaica Plain. Neighborhood institution Doyle's closed before the pandemic. Bella Luna and the Milky Way Lounge closed in June as a result of the Coronavirus, as did Hatched and JP Reps Fitness, and the Taylor House bed and breakfast.