Local Vyntage T-Shirt Biz Taking Over Sorella’s Old Spot

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A t-shirt company that prides itself on local memories is opening in the former spot of one of Jamaica Plain's favorite bygone restaurants.

Local Vyntage t-shirt

Local Vyntage is opening a retail store on the second floor of what was a dining area of the old Sorella's restaurant in Hyde Square. For several years the business has been operating online.

"Local Vyntage is about connecting people through common, cherished memories and local icons," said Chet Winnicki, who co-owns the business with his wife Brittany.

"One t-shirt we plan on making is a tribute to Sorella's. We love the idea of connecting our space's history with its future," said Winnicki. "Beyond that, we haven't totally figured it out just yet, which is a good thing, because we'd love to hear from our JP neighbors on what kind of JP inspired t-shirts they'd like to see."

Winnicki added he feels that Jamaica Plain is a perfect location for the business.

"JP is full of small, locally-based, owner-operated businesses, so we hope to fit right in. We haven't been in JP long, but we feel a very strong sense of community here. People really care about their neighbors, go out of their way to help out and join up with their social causes," said Winnicki.

Every t-shirt comes with a postcard with postage paid for, an old pack of trading cards, and some gum. Winnicki said the extra gum is because while the trading card packs have gum, it's very old because the trading cards are from decades ago.

"4o-year-old gum should not be eaten," joked Winnicki.

The shirts themselves are made in Long Island, New York, and printed in Tallahassee, Florida. And Winnicki lives down the street from the store, which helps feed that connection to the community.

"We're hard at work on a set of Boston-area t-shirt designs which should launch in the coming weeks and will be available in the retail shop when it opens," said Winnicki.

Winnicki said he's proud that their t-shirts connect people together.

"One of our favorite things is when our customers tell us they were stopped by a stranger to ask them about their t-shirt or tell them a story about it," said Winnicki. "That connection wouldn't have taken place otherwise. Our t-shirts bring people together."