Jackson Square Stop & Shop Shop Back-to-School Snack Program Providing Free Snacks, Sidewalk Chalk, Hand Sanitizer

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The Jackson Square Stop & Shop supermarket is looking to help students by offering a free back-to-school program that includes better-for-you snacks and hand sanitizer.

With schools adopting hybrid or remote models of learning this fall, many students may continue to face a nutritional gap as parents struggle to afford groceries given the financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic – and the need to buy additional food for a home-bound family.

With food playing a vital role in student success, Stop & Shop launched a Back-to-School Snack Program to help ease the burden on families as a result of the pandemic and ensure students are fueled for a successful school year.

Beginning September 9th and running through early October, the Stop & Shop Back-to-School Snack Program will provide a free bag of better-for-you snacks, as well as hand sanitizer, to students who visit one of the supermarket’s 52 stores hosting the program. The participating stores include all 27 Stop & Shop locations in New York City, nine in Boston, and four Providence, as well as select stores in Westchester, NY; Western Massachusetts; Bridgeport and the Hartford area in Connecticut; and Fall River.

Each store will have a weekly distribution where parents and kids can go to a designated table to receive their free bag of snacks. The parent, guardian or child will be requested to show a school ID, and there is a limit of 1 snack bag per child, per week. The distribution dates vary by store, and customers can look for a sign at their local store to indicate when the event will take place each week.

“With COVID-19, we know that food insecurity has increased in the United States – and studies show that is particularly true for households with young children,” said Stop & Shop President Gordon Reid. “We hope our snack program will make a difference in the lives of thousands of families and students across our communities.”

Each bag contains snacks that will appeal to students of all ages:
RX Kids Double Chocolate Bar: a protein bar for kids
Whisps: light, crunchy cheese crisps that are delicious low-carb, high-protein snack
Sparkling Ice: Sparkling Water. Zero Sugar. Full of Flavor
MadeGood Chocolate Banana Bars & Chocolate Chip Crispy Squares: better-for-you versions of beloved treats!
CLIF Kid Z-Bar: organic energy snack made for kids
Creative Roots: plant-powered hydration in a variety of fruit flavors
The bag will also include a bottle of Life to Go hand sanitizer, as well as a sidewalk chalk set.

Snack bag distribution varies by week so customers are encouraged to check with their local participating store for details. For more information about how Stop & Shop is supporting its local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit www.stopandshop.com/covid.