From Wampanoag Myth to Modern Inequity Eliot School Teens’ Video Reflects on Past and Future

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Students of the Teen Bridge Program at the Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts collaborated with elders from a variety of neighborhoods to reflect upon our past and future in a new video.

Lead by filmmaker Carolyn Shadid Lewis, InterGeneration is a collaborative project that uses the perspective of mostly indigenous, immigrant, and black community leaders, artists, activists, educators and public health workers, to go on personal journeys to show anxiety, loss, and hope during the pandemic and a struggle for racial justice.

The full video will be available to view on Dec. 3.

InterGeneration Trailer from Carolyn Shadid Lewis on Vimeo.

"One of the elders, our neighbor Robert Peters, is an artist from the Wampanoag people. His words take us back to a time centuries ago, and a conception of land in balance. It's a deep reminder of what we have to be grateful for -- a world that sustains life, beauty and connection," said Abigail Norman, Executive Director of Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts.

Participating teens include Anita Adiukwu, Giovanni Depina, Rose Gelin, Erin Harvey, Dayra Jimon, Isaac Madera, Marieliza Manigat, Vladimir Mesidor, and Chenaya Valeus.

Participating elders include James Coleman, Carolyn Ingles, Tim Juba, Robert Peters, Alberto Rodriguez, Carolyn Walden, and Dr. Gloria White-Hammond.

Register here to see the longer piece and communicate with the artists December 3 at 7 pm. Pre-registration is required, and you will be provided the link to attend.