Canary Square Restaurant Reopens

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Back in December, the Canary Square restaurant sadly announced it was closing temporarily after getting hit by the effects of the pandemic. But after being closed for 110 days the business has now reopened.

Canary Square reopened March 25, 2021 after closing 110 days earlier due to COVID.

"With the decline in infection numbers in MA and a steady rollout of the vaccine made us feel comfortable to begin the long process of restarting the 'heart' of the restaurant," said owner Michael Moxley to Jamaica Plain News. "Assembling a team will take some time as well so we fired everything back up and we are gonna cautiously crawl out of the gate. We are happy to be back. There is a lot of rust to kick off. But we are up for the challenge."

On March 3, the restaurant shared this Facebook post to let people know something good was coming.

On March 15, Canary Square announced they were hiring for all positions.

On March 25, they reopened again to customers.

Moxley said they hope to be seating guests inside and outside within two weeks. For now they are serving lunch (and adding lunch to its weekly scheduled on a permanent basis) and dinner for takeout and limited delivery only basis for Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 9 pm for the time being.

"Hopefully we will be open as much as possible starting real soon," said Moxley.

Editor's note: A previous version incorrectly stated that the restaurant had closed permanently, which the owner never indicated. Jamaica Plain News regrets the error and is happy to see Canary Square serving the community again.