People Not Happy About Forest Hills Cemetery Removing Damaged & Dead Trees

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The Tower Street entrance to the Forest Hills Cemetery is currently closed as they remove damaged trees from that area.

This area was all full of trees that were recently cut down at the Forest Hills Cemetery. (Photo courtesy Emily Finnan)

A large area of Forest Hills Cemetery has been cut down in March/April 2021. (Photo courtesy DJamil Graham from Facebook)

But numerous people expressed their doubt about the trees needing to be removed on the Cemetery's Facebook page. The Cemetery, which is a private business, can remove the trees from their property if they want to do so, politely responded to commenters and explained the situation.

"We’re working to clear that area up and will be planting there to reestablish the area with healthy trees. We’re also hoping to repair the pathways (especially the one going to the right towards Sections 6 and 7) so that they are not as hazardous," answered the Cemetery to one commenter.

The Cemetery also had to reaffirm to people several times that the trees needed to come down. "...we appreciate your concern! The trees that are being removed are indeed damaged and are dying or are already dead. We are taking great care to protect the healthy trees in that area and are hopeful to reestablish new trees at a later time."

They also explained what happens to old trees. They die. But they are going to replant the area.

"In order to preserve the health and beauty of our landscape, these trees simply must come down. Additionally, we sadly do lose quite a few of our old trees every year due to storms and high winds which is always difficult for us because we love our trees. However, we take great care in planting new trees throughout the grounds every year in the hopes that one day they too will be beautiful old trees," wrote the Cemetery.

And they have no current plans to bury people in that location...

"We have no intentions or plans of extending burial locations in this area at all. Our activities in this section are only to clear up an area that has become quite hazardous," said the Cemetery.

...but that may change in the future...

"...while our plans might indeed change at some point in the future, the current plan is to replant new trees in that area. We are constantly making improvements and changes to our grounds and the Cemetery has changed quite a bit over our 170+ years. Should we see the need to develop that area into new spaces for burial locations, then we will do so."