Photos: JP Resident Has Spent Decades Capturing Arnold Arboretum

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Local photographer and JP resident Shaheen Pooladvand has spent decades taking photos of the Arnold Arboretum's plants, flowers, trees, and more. And now Pooladvand would like to share those photos with people to enjoy them.

"I grew up in a large cosmopolitan city made up of glass, stone and concrete with a couple of small parks and almost no green space. I was stunned at the sight of Arnold Arboretum when I went there in late '90s. I’ve been walking through the park ever since," said Pooladvand. "For years I have been trekking through my favorite, the conifer forest, along with the Hemlock Hill, the rose gardens, Bussey Hill and all of its flowering trees and the eyeing birch. The hundreds of years old miniature trees at the bonsai house keep me bewildered. I touch the earth and feel the sky when I am at the park, I feel at home."

All photos courtesy of Shaheen Pooladvand

Eye of the birch, Bussey Hill 2014

Hemlock Hill, 2016

Peeling bark, Bussey Hill 2006

Along Meadow Road, 2017

Hemlock Hill, 2020

Willow Path, 2000


Near the pines, 2018


Bussey Hill 2009

Early spring light, conifer forest area 2014

Hemlock Hill area 2015