Videos: Check Out This Crazy Cool Caterpillar Seen in Jamaica Plain

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Check out the "antennae" on this crazy cool looking caterpillar scene on the Southwest Corridor!

This sycamore tussock moth caterpillar was seen on the Southwest Corridor by Jamaica Plain resident Jenny Nathans on August 7. Don't worry they're native to Canada, the northeast, and down to Mexico.

You'll notice the caterpillars have yellow-orange heads and bodies covered with hair, and they can grow to approximately 25–35 mm in length, according to wikipedia. The larvae (caterpillar) have two pairs of long, orange hair-pencils and two pairs of white hair-pencils towards the front of their body, which can be seen in the videos.. They also have one pair of white hair-pencils near the back of their body.

Sycamore tussock moth

Too many of the moths could be dangerous to sycamore trees, but are usually not thanks to natural predators like birds. Although the sycamore tussock moth caterpillar has been documented to cause hives.