COVID-19 Outbreaks at Two Jamaica Plain Elementary Schools

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The Curley K-8 School and the Joseph P. Manning Elementary School have both had outbreaks of COVID-19 this week.

The Curley K-8 community received an email around 5:30 pm today saying "that 24 members of the Curley K-8 community recently accessed the building and tested positive for COVID-19."

The email said school officials are working closely with the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), and due to the advice of the BPHC "one or more individuals are now in quarantine and have been provided with specific next steps according to their situation..."

The email did not provide information about whether those who tested positive are students, faculty, or staff.

This news comes on top of the Manning School having 16 confirmed cases in a school of 175 students, according to WBUR.

In a separate communication from the Curley School, community families were informed that students ages 5 to 14 will have an opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on Nov. 10 for three hours after school. That vaccine clinic is in partnership with the Boston Medical Center.