JP Social Justice Cannabis Museum Offering Free Info Sessions on Operating Dispensaries

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Jamaica Plain's Core Empowerment Social Justice Cannabis Museum is collaboration with the city to offer a series of free introductory informational sessions on the cannabis industry. The objective of the January sessions is to increase equity amongst Boston based cannabis licensees and applicants.

“As we build a cannabis industry in our city, it’s crucial to uplift the communities that have lived the harms of previous marijuana laws and enforcement,” said Mayor Michelle Wu via press release. “I encourage all interested entrepreneurs to use these resources to ensure equitable growth for this emerging industry.”

Boston passed an ordinance establishing equitable regulation of the cannabis industry in 2019. That ordinance developed policies and procedures to encourage communities disproportionately by the War on Drugs, such as Black and Latino communities, to own dispensaries.

“The Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum is pleased to partner with the city of Boston to host Boston CannaBiz 101," said Tomas Gonzalez, chief of staff for Seed. "The three day seminar will provide participants with the tools they need to navigate the legal cannabis industry. The event will include a keynote address from the Cannabis Control Commission as well as a guided tour of the current exhibition, American Warden. We look forward to furthering our mission to educate citizens and elucidate the injustices of American drug policy in our unique space.”

The three day-long informational sessions will be held at the Core Empowerment Social Justice Cannabis Museum (401A Centre St.) on January 18-20.

The informational sessions will cover every aspect of the industry that are vital to opening and maintaining a successful cannabis business, ranging from:

  • Legislative history of the legalization of cannabis and the need for social justice within the industry
  • Various Licensing types available from the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC)
  • Financing
  • How to create a corporation
  • City of Boston Host Community Agreements (HCA)
  • Site control
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all license types offered by the Cannabis Control Commission

For more information about this free series for cannabis entrepreneurs in Boston, including the schedule and list of presenters, interested attendees can RSVP at this link.