Gorillas Adjusting to New Gorilla Grove at Franklin Park Zoo

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After many years of not being able to go outside, the gorillas of Franklin Park Zoo now have access to the outdoors thanks to the brand new Gorilla Grove, which opened in April.

The gorillas have access to Gorilla Grove daily, starting between 9 and 10 am. But some visitors have noted they haven't seen the gorillas inside or outside. That's because gorillas may choose to spend time in an indoor area, not visible to the public, while they get used to their new home, said a statement from Zoo New England.

"When first introduced to Gorilla Grove, some members of the troop, including Little Joe and Aziza, acclimated to the new space right away, while it took some of the others longer to get used to the space, which is quite different from their indoor habitat," said Zoo New England.

Some visitors have also wondered about whether there's enough shade for the gorillas. Zoo officials said they were very mindful to include shady spots.

"There are three large shade sails above the habitat that are used on warm days to provide shade. There are also areas within the habitat where the gorillas can find shade, including the cave and an area near the stream. Additionally, there are shady spots around the building itself. Once the foliage matures, there will be even more shade," said Zoo New England.