‘Forged in Isolation’ Exhibit at Jamaica Plain Branch Library

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The latest art exhibit at the Jamaica Plain Branch Library pays tribute to the personal determination of overcoming everything the pandemic wrought.

Forged in Isolation opened on Nov. 4.

"March 2020 disrupted our daily lives and left us to navigate the feelings of loneliness and confinement. As artists this was exceptionally challenging taking a toll on our mental health while our resolve to create waned. As time went on, the constraints of life under lockdown eased up for some and we began to venture forward," said a description of the show.

In total, 24 New England-based artists have their work in the show: Jenny Bergman, Rachel Bingham (Samantha Valentine), Alex Blaisdell, Shari Caplan, Sarah Deckro, Kathleen Dunn, Steven Edson, Fernando Fula, Weiying Huang, Jared Katsiane, Maggie Loh, Lydia Mullan, Anne Nydam, Iris Osterman, Robin Radin, Katarina Romanik, Rani Sarin, Stacy Shorr, Lyasya Sinkovski, Benjamin Stalnaker, Cid Tamagno, Eric Taylor, Christine Tierney, and Towana Wright.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Friends of the Jamaica Plain Branch Library, Uforge and in partnership with the Boston Library system.

Forged in Isolation is on exhibit through Jan. 4. The