Kord Jablonski to Lead Boston Building Resources

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Kord Jablonski has been named the next leader of Boston Building Resources (BBR).

BBR is a Roxbury-based consumer cooperative and nonprofit reuse center selling materials for home improvement and offering its more than 1,500 members knowledge and resources for maintaining, repairing, and improving one’s home.

He is taking over for Matthew St. Onge, who will be retiring in the coming months.
Most recently, Jablonski was Business Director for the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, where he provided leadership for overall museum operations, including all aspects of the visitor experience. This included educational and public programming, a café and store, and facility maintenance and improvements on a 30-acre campus. His background also includes financial management, finding markets for surplus materials, and fundraising. He first became a member of BBR when he purchased supplies needed to restore his home’s historic windows.

Jablonski will serve as president of BBR’s consumer cooperative, which sells new building materials such as cabinetry, windows, and doors, as well as executive director of the nonprofit reuse center, which takes in donations of high-quality reusable building materials and sells them at a fraction of their fair market value, mainly to lower-income community residents. He begins his tenure on November 28.

“Knowledge about repairing one’s home is not only empowering, but also builds economic resilience,” Jablonski said. “Housing, food, financial, and climate security are all intimately intertwined, and BBR is uniquely positioned to engage and educate on these topics. I am incredibly excited by the opportunity to serve and by all that is ahead for Boston Building Resources.”

Jablonski succeeds Matthew St. Onge, who is retiring after nearly 30 years at the helm of the organization.

“Matthew has been an excellent leader who leaves the organization in a strong financial position and with a talented and dedicated staff and board,” said Rick Ames, BBR Board Chair. “I know there are hundreds of BBR members who have benefitted from his leadership over the years.”

Most recently, St. Onge managed a major renovation that expanded the capacity of the Reuse Center and brought the building up to a zero-carbon standard.

Jablonski’s appointment was finalized by a vote at the October 25 Board of Directors meeting. “We are looking forward to working with Kord and for continuing and growing the mission of Boston Building Resources,” said Ames.