Listen to This: Howling Coyotes in Franklin Park

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Coyotes are seen around Jamaica Plain, but not always heard. But Jamaica Plain resident Jennifer Uhrhane was recently able to record coyotes having a howling good time in Franklin Park.

Uhrhane has lived in Jamaica Plain since 2004 and for the first time ever spotted a coyote running in Franklin Park past the tennis courts in mid-December.

"As soon as we approached the tennis courts we heard the howling. It was really loud, and sounded like they were right next to us (though we couldn’t see them in the dark woods)," said Uhrhane. "My husband wanted to go investigate and I wanted to head in the opposite direction! We recorded a number of sound files but this one was the best. Then we finished our walk but took a different route away from where the coyotes were and left them alone."