What Do You Want to See In This Empty Centre Street Storefront?

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Centre Street commercial spots don't stay empty for long. But this one at 753 Centre St., has been empty for almost three years.

Optical Designs moved from the location in February 2020, and no other business has moved into this commercial location located across from Dunkin' at the corner of Centre and Thomas streets.

So what would you like to see go in this location? If it's a restaurant, renovations would need to be made to create a kitchen. An arts supply store? A bookstore? A fine cigars and tobacco store? Another bank? These are just random suggestions that very few people would like to see. So what would you like to see go in there?

Empty store front at 753 Centre Street as of Jan. 16, 2023.

Also, while maybe not that important to what business comes into the location, there is a bit of history at that location. There's a plaque commemorating that at that location, Pauline Agassiz Shaw established the class that became a national model for continuous free kindergarten education. The plaque was installed by the Jamaica Plain Historical Society in 2022.