Ula Cafe Launching Evening Event Series Featuring Music, Comedy, Art and More

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Ula Cafe is launching Ula After Dark, a series of after-hours events and gatherings throughout the month of February.

The series will feature music, comedy, art, food and beverage after hours, and is being launched to provide more to do during this dark and cold time of the year.

“We’re so excited for Ula After Dark,” said Beth Santos, Ula’s co-owner. “Ula has been such an important part of our family and community, and I know our customers have been asking for more events for a long time. I hope this can be just the beginning of the amazing collaborations we can offer at Ula for years to come.”

Events are open to the public and happen from 5-8 pm on Thursdays in February.

The following is a schedule of events:

Thursday, February 2, 5-8 pm: Comedy Night hosted by local community members and comedians Caroline Moore and Jacqueline Wall, featuring comedians such as Nick Ortolani, Jai Demeule, Carolina Montesquieu, Lizzie Sivitz, Zach Stewart, James Huessey, and Troy Burditt. Enjoy special snacks from Ula and beverages from Sam Adams. Show starts at 6. Tickets are $10 in advance.

Thursday, February 9, 5-8 pm: Gallery Night. Meet artists past and present who have displayed their work on Ula’s walls, hear their stories, and take home some art for your walls. Free admission. Artists featured include Towana Wright, Thato Mwosa, Zahira Nur Truth, and Mimi Silverstein.

Thursday, February 16, 5-8 pm: Open Mic Night. Share your talents and discover some other hidden skills from your fellow artsy community members. Tickets are $10.

Thursday, February 23, 5-8 pm: Community game night. Bring your favorite board game and you can have dinner, too. Free.

For more information about the event series or to register in advance, visit ulacafe.com/events.