Congresswoman Pressley Wants Gender Equality Amendment Added to U.S. Constitution

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Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is calling for a 28th amendment to be added to the U.S. Constitution that would establish gender equality.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, MA-7th D

Pressley (D-MA 7) and Cori Bush (D-MO 1) will host a press conference on Tuesday to launch a Congressional Caucus for the Equal Rights Amendment.

The caucus will "partner with a multi-generational, multi-racial and inclusive coalition of advocates, activists, scholars, organizers, and public figures; and center the people who stand to benefit the most from gender equality, including Black and brown women, LGBTQ+ people, people seeking abortion care, and other marginalized groups," according to a press release.

The new caucus is being launched 100 years after the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was initially proposed in Congress to provide full equality for women by the 19th Amendment.

On Monday, Pressley and Bush, in coordination with the Congressional Black Caucus are leading members on the House floor to speak about the ERA, and specifically Black women's contributions to get the ERA into the Constitution and ratifying state-level ERAs.

Presently, 27 states have state-level Equal Rights Amendments.